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The University of Queensland, School of Economics – Colin Clark Memorial Lecture

GDP-B: Accounting for the value of new and free goods in the digital economy


Digital media consumes a huge portion of our lives with the average Australian spending almost 40 hours per week online. That is roughly the same amount of time as a full-time job spent on smartphone apps, searching Google, scrolling social media, following maps, studying online, streaming music, videos and more. But these goods and services go largely uncounted in official measures of economic activity such as GDP and productivity.


In this webinar, Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, Stanford University, will explain how potential mismeasurement can arise from not fully accounting for such digital resources, while also putting forward a new metric labelled GDP-B, as it captures the benefits associated with new and free goods and is seen to go “beyond GDP”.


Date: Thursday 3 March 2022

Time: 12–1pm AEST

Virtual event: For more details and registration please click here:

Online Student Talks

The RBA will shortly commence our 2022 schedule of events with our Online Student Talks series.
There are two levels of presentation available:
Monetary Policy and Current Economic Conditions is aimed at Year 11-12 Economics students and covers the latest developments in the Australian economy.
Introduction to Economics is aimed at Year 9-10 Commerce/Economics/Business students and provides an overview of the economy, the role of the RBA and the benefits of studying economics.
Dates are available from 21-25 February and from 23-27 May.
All talks are free of charge and teachers can book on behalf of their classes through our Book a Talk page.

2022 BEAQ National Conference - Call For Speakers

The BEAQ is calling for expressions of interest to speak at the upcoming national BEA Conference, hosted by BEAQ. Speaker sessions will be held during the Friday and Saturday program on July 15 and 16 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.We are seeking sessions that focus on offering expertise, inspiration, resources and practical strategies for teachers to approach the delivery of business education subjects and courses.The theme for this year's conference is "Connected: Together is Better" and focuses on reuniting educators across the country to engage in proactive discussions emerging business concepts and changes to the curriculum, offering opportunities to share knowledge amongst peers to improve systems nationally.
Applications close Friday 11 March 2022
 with speakers to be notified by 14 April 2022. Email questions to Christina Hull; conference@beaq.org.au

QCAA Economics 2021 Subject Report

QCAA will begun the release of the 2021 Subject Reports. The reports provide an overview of the previous year's teaching, learning and assessment cycle for each subject. They also provide information about the application of syllabus objetives, patterns of student achievement, advice from chief confirmers, endorsers and markers. The subject reports also provide advice for continuous improvement by identifying effective practices in assessment design, preparing students for external assessment and unpacking examples of student work. The reports can be accessed via the Teaching and Learning tab for each syllabus subject on the QCAA Website and through the Syllabus application in the QCAA Portal. 

Teacher Immersion Event videos

Did you miss this year's Reserve Bank Teacher Immersion Event?

Professional Development Seminar: Productivity Commission - Modelling Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees and firms to experiment with working from home. This demonstrated that many jobs can done effectively from home and that the number of people working from home will likely remain high relative to pre-pandemic levels.  As part of the Productivity Commission’s Working from Home report, a simple model of working from home was developed to better understand how it might affect the Australian economy. Dr Mabel Andalón and Dr Matthew Jones will present an overview of the model and the implications drawn from it. 

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