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About the RBA Student Seminars

Each year the Reserve Bank of Australia, in association with QETA, conducts seminars for Year 12 students covering monetary policy and the current conditions of the Australian Economy.

They are presented by ambassadors from the Reserve Bank of Australia across venues in Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast. As a result of the pandemic situation, the seminars have been online, with some face-to-face events depending upon travel restrictions.

The Bank offers two versions of school talks:

  1. current economic conditions, where an RBA economist will discuss monetary policy and the latest conditions in the Australian economy. This is suitable for Years 11 and 12, and the economist analyses and interprets a series of current graphs over 60 minutes
  2. introduction to economics, where an RBA economist will provide an introduction to the economy, the role of the RBA, and the benefits of studying economics. This matches in with the Economics and Business Australian Curriculum, and is also useful for promoting the subject prior to subject choices for Year 11 and 12.

For further information regarding these seminars, please contact us

The next round of RBA Seminars is coming up. Check back here soon for registering online to attend.

Teacher Immersion Events

This annual event provides a unique opportunity for secondary school Economics teachers from across Australia to enrich their understanding of current economic issues and concepts by engaging with professional economists and colleagues. It is held face-to-face or online.

These are highly sought after events with a limit to the number of participants to enhance the experience. They are also recorded for teachers who cannot attend. The link to past events is here.

Student work experience

The Reserve Bank's Head Office in Sydney offers work experience for Year 10 high school students. During the one-week program, students learn about the roles and functions of the nation's central bank and how to interpret economic graphs, as well as shadowing one of the Bank's economists as they complete a series of activities. Contact the RBA directly. Link

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