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Our aim at QETA Inc. is to contribute to the support of Economics and Social Science teachers when implementing Senior Secondary Economics and Junior Secondary Economics and Business Australian Curriculum across all Queensland secondary schools. In addition, we aim to contribute positively to curriculum development and foster relationships between secondary schools, universities, and other economics organisations.

Support and promote Economics, Financial Literacy and Enterprise education in schools.

Sponsor and support activities, such as Student Competitions, Student seminar days, and Professional development activities for teachers.

Liaise with commercial and government organisations in relation to the development and provision of suitable teaching and learning resources.

Contribute to curriculum development in Economics in Years 11 and 12, and Economics and Business Education in Years 7-10.

Advocate on behalf of Economics educators.

Increase subject enrolments in Economics, and use school education to advance economic literacy across Queensland

Support the teaching of economics in all schools in Queensland by providing a network and resources

Liaise with other organisations that may assist QETA in achieving these goals.

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