Our Sub Committees

In 2022 we have commenced trialling sub-committees to share the workload of operating QETA and providing an increased level of service and support to teachers. Each sub-committee is chaired by a committee member, and we actively seek QETA members to help us. If you are interested, please contact us about how you can help Economic teachers across the state, and also develop skills and new networks. Many of our management committee is new this year, so we appreciate your assistance and feedback to achieve the  QETA's mission statement.

  • Website Management: Julie-Anne Angel, Christine Dowd
  • Focus on Students: Tim Merritt, Greg Dabblestein
  • Focus on Teachers: Available
  • Newsletters: Justin Virly, MJ Ellis 
  • Mentoring: Deb Da Silva
  • Marketing and Membership: Available
  • Resource development: Christine Dowd, Susannah Lowe, Sam Peng, MJ Ellis, Elliot Duke

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