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Practice Questions

All students:

Imagine some economists raise concerns that "reducing the cost of childcare" may create logjams related to accessibility and availability, at least in the short-term. 
1. Explain how despite this valid concern, the long term benefits may still make this policy worthwhile. 
2. Explain 3 possibile initiatives the government could implement in order to minimise these concerns.
3. Identify and explain an alternate economic policy that could deliver similar economic benefits

Should childcare be free? | The Centre for Policy Development

The affordability and availability of childcare has been a major economic and social news story many of us are becoming quite familiar with - including our students. ABC ran a story the other day discussing the a report from the Centre for Policy Development strongly advocating for minimal-cost childcare (3 days at most $10 per day), with arguments involving the developmental benefits to the child, gender pay-equality and increased productivity. This is an excellent example of how (just about) all issues are economic issues -- discussion or questions could be framed around impacts on circular flow of income, opportunity cost, production possibility curves, cost benefit analysis, positive and negative externalities, and many others. 

From CPD:
Growing Together is a report from the Centre for Policy Development’s early childhood development initiative, building on their landmark Starting Better report and Guarantee for children and families. It outlines essential steps for achieving a truly universal early education and care system.

Monthly Housing Chart Pack | Core Logic

Those who perennially examine the housing market with their classes (and friends and families) may be interested in Core Logic's Monthly Housing Chart Pack. It's exactly what it sounds like it is, and it is a terrific resource for stimulus. You'll have to register for the newsletter email, but when the time is right, there's a tonne of value here. Fun fact: If you zoom in, you'll see that "median days on the market" and "clearance rates" are definitely showing a bit of a slow-down...a bit. 

From Core Logic:
CoreLogic’s Monthly Housing Chart Pack delivers timely, detailed insights into the fundamentals that are affecting the residential property market. This comprehensive benchmarking report analyses a range of metrics including property value growth, sales volume, time on market and rental growth. Detailed charts are included in the report, making it essential reading for all property-related and finance professionals seeking a complete overview of capital housing markets. The monthly chart pack comprises a timely series of graphics and data for the national housing market performance over the reporting month.

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