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2024 Student Economics Competition 

Each year, QETA conducts a student economics competition in separate divisions for Year 11 and Year 12 students. The competition is sponsored by the University of Queensland School of Economics.

The competition consists of a 30 item multiple choice test assessing content from the QCAA Economics 2019 General Senior Syllabus.

The Competition is free to all students of Economics in any Queensland secondary school. All students receive a Certificate for participation and above, recognising their achievement. There are cash prizes for the top students in each division. 

The competition in 2024 runs from Monday 22 July to Friday 26  July 2024. The test is 35 minutes in duration.

The competition consists of:

  1. 30 multiple choice, for the Year 11 and Yr 12 test
  2. 10 common questions used in both tests, on basic economic principles, and a couple of current economic issues (to advantage those students who are aware of the news)
  3. 16 questions for Year 11 covering all three topics in markets and models, with 4 questions on Unit 2 market failure topic 1
  4. 20 questions with questions for Year 12 covering all of Unit 3, and questions on Unit 4 Topic 1

Link to 2024 flyer
Link to 2024 registration page

Past Papers

Past  papers are useful as a diagnostic tool at the start of teaching and as formative assessment to provide feedback to teachers and students on progress through a topic. Please note, that QETA has paid for these papers and retains the intellectual property. Do not share these to students for practice or to teachers /schools who are not members.

2023:   Yr 11 Questions    Year 11 Answers
2023:   Yr 12 Questions    Year 12 Answers

2022:   Yr 11 Questions    Year 12 Questions   Yr 11 and 12 Answers
2021 Year 11 Paper No answers available
2021 Year 12 Paper No answers available

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