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Proudly introducing the Economic Teacher Chart Pack

The Economic Teacher Chart Pack has been developed by Queensland Economic Teachers Association (QETA) and Saul Eslake to specifically support high school teaching and learning activities that promote economic analysis and interpretation.

Getting access to high quality, current and appropriate data and analytical commentary takes up teaching time, so this product is designed to help Economic teachers in the classroom. Data like this is designed to show patterns and Saul’s analysis helps you to add meaning. This teacher pack will ignite curiosity and invite students to engage and commence analysing and interpreting data.

Economic thinking skills
The data and commentary can be used to create teaching and learning activities, as well as for assessment. Using real and authentic data and information promotes the development of economic thinking skills as it can be related to real-world economic events that are being experienced within the economy - in real time. Reduce your teacher time spent trying to locate accessible information,trying to find graphs that show patterns and trends that students can analyse (break down into component parts) and interpret (draw meaning from). This will students practice and multiple opportunities to 'think like an economist'.

Thinking like an economist is critical in the21st century when students are aiming to become managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Being able to make sense and give meaning to economic events and indicators that promote economic analytical skills differentiates individuals in their working careers between those who studied high school economics and those who did not, even if their career path does not involve further study in Economics. This gives economic students a competitive advantage in university courses and in the work place because they have developed economic literacy.

What does it look like?

Below is a sample of the world economy data, with an array of clear graphs that students can use to see patterns and trends, and that you can use in teaching, learning and assessment practice in your schools.

The teacher pack has three sections and is delivered prior to each teaching term in 2024.

  • The world economy: Australian trade relationships and environment in 12 slides (Qld syllabus Unit 1 and 3).
  • The Australian economy: Current and reliable economic indicators in 13 slides (Qld syllabus Units 1-4).
  •  A spotlight on a particular economic event or focus. This will allow you to build up a range of data to develop activities for teachable moments, so students become comfortable with analysing and evaluating unfamiliar data and information. Term 1 spotlight: inflation and interest rates in 6 slides.

Need a flyer for your HOD approval?


The curriculum links are clear, because of the sections being differentiated between International economics and Economic management. graphs can also be used in the years 9 and 10 components of the Economics and Business Australian Curriculum (v9).

Order now! The annual cost is $290 (membership discounts available) and the pack is delivered at the start of each of the 4 terms in 2024.

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