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Economic literacy in Yrs 7-10 

The Reserve Bank of Australia's view of Economic literacy

What it is and why it is important to all our students?

Who should attend?
Senior leaders who want to improve the economic literacy and financial literacy of students, Heads of Faculty and teachers
What if I am not a member of QETA or BEAQ - can I still attend? Yes, you are most welcome!

Date & Time:  Tuesday 29/08/28 5:00pm (45 minutes)

One of the core objectives of the Reserve Bank’s public education program is to improve economic literacy. While the social benefits of economic literacy are well established, defining what is meant by this term is not straightforward and has been the subject of debate over many decades. Research by the RBA and their Bulletin article explores the meaning of ‘economic literacy’.

To arrive at a working definition, Jacqui Dwyer will discuss the economic principles that should be understood for someone to be considered economically literate, along with the topics students should be familiar with and the ways of thinking that we would expect them to display.

Economic and financial literacy are clearly distinguished by the RBA research.

This is important information required by teachers of the Australian Curriculum Economics and Business Years 5-10.
The curriculum, both versions 8.4 and 9.0 refer to core ideas of economics and financial literacy, so it is critical that teachers appreciate the difference of economic and financial literacy for their teaching programs.

This is because economics is not all about money: actually finance is about money!

The event will be held on MS Teams. Those who have registered will be sent a Teams link one week prior to the event.

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