2022 BEAQ National Conference - Call For Speakers

2022 BEAQ National Conference - Call For Speakers

The BEAQ are calling for expressions of interest to speak at the upcoming National BEA Conference. Speaker sessions will be during the Friday and Saturday programs on July 15 and 16 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We are seeking sessions that focus on offering expertise, inspiration, resources and practical strategies for teachers to approach the delivery of business education subjects and courses.

The theme for this year's conference is "Connected: Together is Better" and focuses on reuniting educators across the country to engage in proactive discussions emerging business concepts and changes to the curriculum, offering opportunity to share knowledge amongst peers to improve systems nationally.

Applications close Friday 11 March 2022 with speakers to be notified by 14 April 2022.

Please save your application with your first and last name in the file name; email applications or questions to Christina Hull; conference@beaq.org.au or call 0448 001 322.

We are offering the following main strands :-

  • Business,
  • Accounting and Financial Literacy,
  • Economics,
  • Legal Studies,
  • Middle School and Vocational & Educational Training (VET)

Any of the following topics can be incorporated into the above main strands:-

  • Best Practice for preparing students for External Assessment
  • Australian Curriculum 7-10
  • Technology
  • Creative Pedagogy
  • Student Engagement and Subject Selection
  • Staff Wellbeing & Care


Other Latest Articles

RBA Summary of Current Economic Conditions - May 2022


The RBA posted its latest "Summary of economic conditions" video just at the time I'm writing this! If you haven't seen these before, the RBA does a brilliant job of unpacking the latest economic data. It's a brilliant example of how to analyse and evaluate the latest figures -- crucial for all economic students. I often pause the video, just as a new graph is shown (but before they explain it) to challenge the students to conduct their own analysis first and see how well their insights match. 

Practice Questions

Unit 1:
Explain how the following would impact the market for electricity in Australia. Draw a supply and demand diagram to supplement your answer
a) Increased consumer rebate for solar panel installation for home owners. 
b) Severe flooding forces the closure of coal mines
c) The reintroduction of a carbon tax

Unit 4:
Draw a diagram of the economic cycle, highlighting a period of strong recovery and a diagram showing an inflationary gap. Annotate each diagram to show what would likely happen going forward, in the absence of demand-side economic management. 

Teacher Network Afternoon Meeting

IA3: Teaching, learning and assessment discussion. Dane, Deb and Justin, three experienced Economic teachers, will lead discussion of share experiences and different approaches.

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